Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Marie Antoinette Throws A New Year's Soiree Treasury

Paper Nosh's Marie Antoinette Wedding Invitations were included in a beautiful Etsy Treasury created by The Stumpets Tentacle.   Those shoes, that Macaroni Dandy Wig, the corset and the collar.....Oh My !!  Absolutely an honor to be among so many creative artists !   Enjoy this and have a very Happy New Year !

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Gifts from the Heart

 Many sweet Birthday Gifts have arrived at my doorstep in the last few days.  All the sweeter to receive at any time as it makes a "Birthday Week" rather than just lasting for one day:)

The antique Marie Antoinette dolls head with its tag still attached from the Paris Bon Marche is so exquisite to me it brought tears to my eyes that my friend Barbara in the UK would choose something so dear to my heart.  The darling kitty in her MA wig makes me laugh everytime I look at it and brought out my goofy side, and of course Bea's too I'm sure.  
The Fragonard Perfumes from Bea are long sought after by me and she knows just what to get for me and actually finds does she know ?

To the right is the sweetest hand embroidered brooch of Marie Antoinette with the best Aqua hair and eyebrows I have ever darling Donna had this sent to me from the artist in Israel.  So sweet and touching !

My good friend Elaine Biss had Tea Forte sent to me in a scrumptious Orchid Vanilla scent and flavor, they are the company who puts their tea-bags in those little pyamid shapes and they are so divine.  She also sent the Sweet Orange Spice Butter Tea Cookies from Tea Forte.  Light and sweet I had my own private tea party :))  Thank you Elaine for your sweet gift :)
One more from Barbara was an oh so pretty roses journal with a pink sparkling vintage brooch attached.  Each page is decorated and so beautiful....I'll have to scent it with my Fragonard perfumes and pretend its a secret journal for love poems and pretty sketches !

Last here is a photo I took of some handmade pink chandelier wrapping paper I made for one of Bea's Christmas gifts this year.  Its so hard to top her ......but she'll have to wait to see what's inside.

Thank you my sweet friends for making my birthday this year so special.


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me !!

My birthday was on December 13th but my son lives in California and the present he and  his fiance, Jenna sent arrived yesterday ( to my delight!).  Its a pink flower cake made with fresh flowers, complete with pink and white candles !!   Just so precious and looks so pretty in the studio.  My work station is already full of the pink tree, Marie Antoinette, Vintage Belsnickle Santa overseeing my work and various fun things I have been creating for gift giving....not to mention some orders ready to go out.....most importantly for sure :))   I thought you would enjoy seeing it.....isn't it yummy !  Makes getting "old" not so bad, sort of cushions the blow....ha ha


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I'm Dreaming of A Pink Christmas

Yesterday was my big birthday  and I took the time to take these photos of the Marie Antoinette Playhouse.  If you read my blog you'll know that it was just a run-down shack of a little house who no one had really loved in years.   It was a rental next door to us and a sort of sore thumb to say the least.   The last time it came up for rent we decided it would be perfect for a little Paper Nosh/Marie Antoinette Playhouse, ( As my lovely friend, Bea in the UK, has dubbed it !)  So we painted it pink with color advice from Fifi at Romantic Country Magazine.  Pink house, aqua shutters and mint green trim !

Well....she is decked out for Christmas in her pink icicle lights and little forest trees with pink sparkly bulbs and a wreath made up of pink Vintage Christmas ornaments from Alanda at Krause House on Etsy who graciously made for my house last year, but so perfect to fit right in this year with the studio colors !

We are taking a Christmas break soon to rest and enjoy our own Christmas and spend a little time continuing the on-going organization of the studio paper, glitter, boxes, wrap, files, computers, new kitty, named AntoinettieNosh ( Whew!).  So please send your thoughts and any requests or suggestions for card designs for next year :))

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Paper Nosh Studio Pink Marie Antoinette Christmas Tree

We took some sweet photos of our Marie Antoinette Playhouse pink Christmas Tree.  Its one of those things that makes a "happy place" and warms my heart to turn on the little lights each morning when I come into the studio.
The pretty Marie Antoinette doll sitting so pretty by the tree is a "rescue" from Ebay.  She's one of those rare half dolls from the 1920's made of chalk-ware.   When I received her she was naked with just her pretty white hair and perfect make-up.  Her face took my breath away !  The funny thing is that there is actually the initials, "MA" carved into her back. I didn't know that when I bid on her, but just felt she would be such a pretty addition to my collection.  I ordered the dress from China for less than three dollars and dressed her and this is the outcome.  She is one of my most beloved treasures and I'm sure is enjoying her "first" Christmas here in the studio.  The other Marie with the Eiffel Tower base is another pretty from Sugar Cookie.

The pretty blue ribboned box is our gift wrap this year for our Calligraphy Initial mugs we sell in the gift section. The blue reminds me of a snowy evening and I just know "Marie" appreciates them :) Happy Holidays and Happy Hanukkah to everyone !!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Marie Antoinette Ceramic Monogram Ornament from PauletteParis

 hi all,

Introducing our darling Marie Antoinette ceramic ornaments to the PauletteParis Zazzle store . 

  The Marie Antoinette Monogram Ornament actually looks like a little Limoge...I'm very happy with the outcome.   Marie Arden suggested that I try a Marie Antoinette monogram for her pink MA Christmas tree and a die-cut paper version with German Glass Glitter and a sweet pink parchment rose were made for her.  So here is the ceramic collectible version.

Let Them Eat Cake Marie Antoinette Pink Ornament ornament
Let Them Eat Cake Marie Antoinette Pink Ornament by Paulette Paris*

The other is our design of a pink Let Them Eat Cake Marie Antoinettewith a beautiful frame and pink stripes background.  Both ornaments have the design on the back as well and come with a gold metallic ribbon attached for hanging.  We hope you like them.   I have a big old looming birthday coming up and to ease the pain I think I'll order a few for our pink tree here in the Marie Antoinette Playhouse, ( the Paper Nosh studio).  Hopefully I'll post some photos soon :))

Another new one of a favorite Boucher of mine
Madame Fousard Ornament ornament
Madame Fousard Ornament by pauletteparis
Happy Holidays !!


Friday, November 5, 2010

A Very Paper Nosh Christmas

We're so proud to introduce our newest Christmas and Holiday cards !!   We've been so busy with client orders and the calendar and making sure that everything is posted for your Holiday shopping early enough to order and to receive... so that you can send out your cards on time ;)

These two designs were created out of my love for the "Bird Lady" in Home Alone 2, Lost In New York".  Don't you just love her !  I wanted to incorporate her nostalgic sweetness into my "Jane Austen" period ladies, both wearing the most stunning velvet Christmas coats.

Each set is available already with the text design or you can order with your own text ideas.   The handmade versions with glitter and printed on our beautiful papers as art cards with gorgeous deckle edge creamy, antique appearing envelopes are available at or you can order what we call our
"Pred a Porter" ready-made designs from our Zazzle store Paulette Paris.   Those of course are printed by the Zazzle company using my designs and are glossy and come with a white envelope.   Just whatever strikes your fancy.   Befitting the design though, the handmade with the glitter and fancy imported envelopes are by far the best !!

We hope you like them !  Here's to getting ready for the Holidays early this year :)


Monday, November 1, 2010

Marie Antoinette Doll What Else !!

Oh my goodness...I just received the most adorable Marie Antoinette "Let Them Eat Cake" doll today from Sugar Cookie Dolls !!   As you can see from the photos I took of it in the studio it just fits right in with all of our goodies...or as it and new designs ready for their photo shoot or to be packaged and sent to clients.

Her real name is Antonia Marie ( what serendipity ! ) but they call her Toni over at SUGAR COOKIE DOLLS AND JEWELS!   Toni is the creator of this adorable doll and she was as sweet as sugar to fill my requests for her design of "Cake for Breakfast" Dolls for Christmas Gifts and then she created this one !!  and then another !!  I ordered them all !!  Crazy I know but now that the first one is here...I know I'm not crazy after all.....I just know adorable when I see it and I could tell that a very talented artist was behind the scenes creating these sweeties to make us happy.  

Stop by SUGAR COOKIE DOLLS at Toni's Etsy shop and see the sweet confections she makes....they'll delight you as they have us here at Paper Nosh !!


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My Scary Halloween

Daisy Dog Loves Halloween!!

Dwezzle loves Halloween and especially his scarry topiaries !!
 We've had some fun decorating the house and studio for Halloween.  As cheesy as it is....we have enjoyed scarring the neighbors and frightening the school children on their way home from school.   I tried to get them not to walk on my little "graveyard" that we so lovingly created.....but boys will be boys :(
We really did have fun putting this little display together and have enjoyed it everynight.  Just brings the right amount of creepiness to our sedate lives !   hee hee hee cackle cackle cackle

Happy Halloween !!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Marie Antoinette 2011 Art Calendar from Paper Nosh


Happy Sunday everyone ! We are introducing our pretty new Marie Antoinette 2011 Calendar!!

These are a great 5 x 7" size and depict designs from a favorite invitation or card design. Just lightly glittered for fun and because we know you like something sparkly, these will make great gifts for the Holidays !

Can be used in a little placecard stand or a pretty frame to change for each month. Even punch a small hole at the top with a crafters hold punch and thread with a pretty ribbon and hang on wall at your desk or at home :) They're available for purchase from our web site or from the newly opened Etsy store

Have a wonderful Sunday :)

Friday, October 15, 2010

Chateau de Versailles Marie Antoinette Exposition L'Androïde de Marie-Antoinette

So busy with orders ( whew !! )  but was just sent this video from The Chateau de Versailles...keep watching as it has the most marvelous Marie Antoinette music box which was actually given to her. I had to share it with you all !!  ( You might want to pause the music on the left to listen to the beautiful sounds of this video).



Thursday, September 2, 2010

Paper Nosh Stationery Designs Nostalgia

Early in my stationery career I created two card designs that still remain my favorite and the favorite of many of my clients.  Nothing has changed about them except I print on a higher quality of paper than I even knew about in 2006 and I have developed a special printing method that makes each card produced like a work of art...basically printed as a giclee....meaning a spraying of tiny ink-droplets done with a stylus or high quality ink-jet printer.  Its taken time to develop this method and the basic cost piles up but I tend to invest into better and better equipment so that what my clients receive is only the best.   I have never thought twice about spending the extra money on the boxes and ribbon which is our packaging or for the pretty damask boxes that we ship our product in.   I have always wanted my clients to have a "boutique" experience when they receive their Paper Nosh or Pink Paris stationery in the mail.

These two card designs were just requested by two different magazines.   One who I so admire will be coming out in their Spring issue with a little feature on me as an artist and the other a slick European home fashion magazine.   We'll feature here when the issues are released, but felt like these two designs might want to be revisited by any who may have seen them and ordered in the past or new clients who might want to order them in the future.

Have a wonderful week and happy September...Fall is almost here !  Love Love Love Fall...hopefully it will be full of beautiful color, pumpkins and cool, gentle weather.  The photo above shows pumpkin vines growing up to the roof and Miss Kitty so kindly posing in her favorite location.  Who knew pumpkins could grow like that !!


Thursday, August 26, 2010

My Friend Nita at Mod Vintage Life and Marie Antoinette

My new blogger friend Nita at Mod Vintage Life so eloquently wrote the nicest and most flattering feature on Marie Antoinette the movie and Paper Nosh !   She is a wonderful artist and designer in her own right so I was very surprised and flattered with the article.

  You will love her's the link, Mod Vintage Life so you can visit as I do daily.  Her little weenie dogs will capture your heart and the on-going remodel of her vintage 1928 home will astound you with its visual appeal !

Thank you so much Nita!  xoxo, paulette

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Marie Antoinette Tea On The Lawn Invitations Among Others

I've been so busy busy with orders that there's hardly time to create, but like I've said before when the spirit hits me whether its 4:00 in the morning or not.....I have to get my creations out of my head and onto paper !

I know I know Marie Antoinette has been done to death, no pun intended, but she is my muse and after the Alice invitations were, and are such a hit with my clients I felt like I needed to offer something for the MA Party Set out there.  Don't you just love that pink and white water colored balloon !!   Well.....I love them and the two photos at the top are the result.  They are already set to order in the Zazzle store for those of you who like things in an instant way.  The hand-made glittered version is listed here at the Paper Nosh web site.

"A Little Smoke and Pallid Moonshine", the pink version would be darling monogrammed Save The Dates or any kind of customization you might like, rather than the Keats quote, which I am stuck on for some reason !  So pretty and unusual, I still can't decide if I like the front or the back better.   Use for informal stationery or invitations, either would be lovely.

Thats me all over the place....but had to share my pretties :))

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Planning the Marie Antoinette Party

How cool is it to be featured by another Marie Antoinette lover?
Very cool I say !!  The feature by Mistress at "What Would Marie Antoinette Do?"   "A modern girl's guide to 18th Century misbehavior" was such a fabulous compliment.  Titled "Planning the Marie Antoinette Party: Even more awesome Marie-inspired invites", Mistress featured several of my most coveted designs and I am thoroughly flattered.

The blog itself is a wonderful read...go and check it out and say hello. You're going to love it too !  Thank you Mistress
Mille baisers, 

Ps.  Just in on Friday, Angie, at Just Simply Live did a gorgeous feature on this blog as well as other Marie Antoinette related blogs !   Definitely check it out and make some new discoveries.  
Thank you so much for the gorgeous feature Angie !!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Let Them Eat Cake Stationery AND LAMPSHADES

Hard at work on multiple projects and orders it seems there's never enough time to create something new.  There does come a time when that muse hits me though and I see the need to have something fresh and fun to show you .   These candy sweet stationery cards or invitations are so French, so adorable with their Marie Antoinette Monogram, pink or aqua awning stripes and damask design, not to mention the darling cake, roses and the romantic couple ! ( Yes! So great for all sorts of occasions are my thoughts!:))   This link,, will take you to the site to view the particulars on these candy sweet cards or invitations.

The biggest thing that we have on our agenda are these darling lampshades.   There are plans to do more and make them available for sale at Paper Nosh.   Darling French themes with Marie Antoinette, Frenchie vintage documents, and all sorts of Shabby and Chic designs.   Even custom if you know of one of our card designs that are your favorite and you need a fancy schmansie shade to fit your fancy schmansie room.  Email Paulette if you can't wait or they will also be up in the web site soon along with the coordinating card and invitations designs above.

Have a lovely rest of your week!  I would love to hear your thoughts on these so leave a comment if you get the chance.

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