Sunday, July 11, 2010

New Wedding Invitations from Paper Nosh

We just finished a rather large order for a lovely bride and her wedding planner with a bit of a new twist on the pink Marie Antoinette Versailles Chandelier Wedding Invitations we offer in  The client wanted the damask folding jacket with the little pockets plus the hot pink 3" ribbon and the sweet crystal buckles.   We loved how they came out and wanted to show them off. 

Happy Sunday to all....we're now working hard on the studio renovations and will have more photos to share soon I hope!


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Marie Antoinette Playhouse

Its taken awhile and the move is an ongoing thing, but I have a sweet "preliminary" photo of my little pink studio that my friends are laughingly calling "The Marie Antoinette Playhouse".  I think because of my collections and my designs and the crazy goings on in and around the studio.  

First having to wait out the extremes in weather to paint this poor little house, whose landlord had let it waste away in the hot midwestern heat and cold. Peeling paint, weeds and a poor roof and neglect had taken its toll. I longed for a place to work where I could spread out and feel organized. So we took the step and rented the little house, painted it pink, replaced the roof and planted flowers and little window boxes. Its better but not exactly where I would like for it to stay tuned for more improvements as we move along with a new porch, railings and a little white picket fence in the front. She should be ready soon for more photos.

Kitties, namely Callie and Smudgen don't get what all the fuss is about and want only to walk in and have a new place to nap.

My  new studio neighbors had 10 puppies who as they got older where left to run free in the neighborhood and on the busy street in front of the studio.  Well that doesn't go too well with me so I took on the responsibility of finding them all homes.  Such sweet smiling faces...I fell in love with them all...and all fortunately went to the best homes I could find.   Thought my readers would enjoy one of their sweet smiling faces.    They were larger dogs, a bit Pit Bull, a bit Boxer and a scunch Sharpei. ( note his sweet little wrinkled forehead.)   Gentle and sweet, and like little old men two of them would come into the studio every afternoon for a little cool and calm nap.   I hope their new owners will care for them...if not Auntie Paulette will be looking !!

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