Thursday, June 27, 2013

Laduree Inspired Mint Macaron Marie Antoinette Cameo Event Invitations

Our new Mint Macaron Marie Antoinette Cameo Invitations. Highly requested for a "Laduree Inspired" event. The one in the photo is for a birthday, but we see them also as wonderful wedding, save the dates, showers, etc.   So sweet with the satin ribbon bow and available in the petite 4" x 6" or the larger 5" x 7".

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Marie Antoinette Tags, Favors and New Designs to Collect, Covet, and Enjoy !

Inkheart Romantique Come Softly Eden Gold Gilded and Glitter Cards
Inkheart Romantique Come Softly Eden Gold Gilded Die Cut Tags

Juene Fille Fragonard Pour Vous Gold Gilded and Glitter Die Cut Tags
Musique of Enchantment Marie Antoinette Gold Gilded Die Cut Tags
Madame de Pompadour Gold Gilded Die Cut Tags
Danse at Versailles Wedding of Marie Antoinette

By special request from one of our wonderful clients I'm presenting our new tags just created to coordinate with our cards in the same design.    You'll love the hand-painted gold gilded edges, sparkling German Glass Glitter shards, and tiny Swarovski crystals.   Each are created in sets with pretty satin ribbon ties to attach to your gifts, favor bags or just to covet.

The first photo is a card that has been in our line since 2007.   I decided to remaster it with the hand-painted gold metallic gilding and the addition of a little Swarovski crystal placed delicately at Madame la Porte's bodice. Emily Dickenson's Poem, 'Come Softly Eden' is included in the design.....a true 'Inkheart'.

We have them listed in the Etsy store here at   Coming soon to the web site.   If you prefer to order privately just send an email by clicking  here.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Marie and Louie Monogram Thank You Cards, Jane Austen Emma Sweet Emma and Parisian E Ley de Vev Folding Cards

Marie and Louie Personalized Monogram Thank You Cards
Parisian E de la Vev Romance Cards

Jane Austen, Emma Sweet Emma at Tea beribboned folding cards
So many new creations to add to our listings at Paper Nosh.   The first, Marie and Louie Custom Monogram Thank You folding cards will coordinate perfectly with our wedding and event invitations... Marie Antoinette Pink and Gold Cameo Cartouche Silhouette.

The next two are a labor of love.   They came out of my need to create something new....many late nights filled with dreaming and creating.   We are always so busy producing for our wonderful clients it leaves little time to create something new.    We hope you like them !!   Most listed now in our Etsy store at and soon to the website.

Have a wonderful, fun filled Saturday !!  See you in the garden :)

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Great Gatsby Invitations, Feathers, Flappers and Fitzgerald

Whether a 'Daisy Buchanan', 'Jordan Baker' or 'Myrtle Wilson' type we know Jay Gatsby would love to have you at one of his fabulous parties.     Refuse to be 'boring' and create a wonderful lawn party under the stars this summer for a gaggle of your best girlfriends.    Get out the Gin and make the joint wild !.....Make sure to dig out your best flapper style and do the Charleston and the Lindy Hop !!

We created these for a wonderful client for her 'Great Gatsby' Soiree......the design is so fabulous we have to share.

Let Paper Nosh create something custom for you or choose from our line.   Even this fun invitation in a large 6" x 9", with gorgeous shimmering lined envelopes and return address seals are available to order now in our Etsy shoppe at     If you need to order privately just simply send us a fabulous email !!

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