Thursday, December 31, 2009

Good Fortune and Love

Here we are entering another decade ! How exciting to look forward to the possibilities !!

I am getting ready to make the move to my new studio. A small house next door to me that became available. It's so exciting as now I can feel more organized, and spread my wings a bit more.

While thinking and dreaming of how I will decorate my new made me think of a former life of mine when I lived on the California coast and owned a shop called " A Queen's Legacy". We polished and painted that old Victorian and loved all things to do with Victoriana and Queen Victoria. Gleaning over "Victoria Magazine" we created a wonderland !! People came from all over the world to shop and have tea in my Victorian tearoom overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Artists came to paint it and we appeared in several Wine Country Magazines.

While I lived there I was able to move into town and had the most wonderful little house. I leashed my little dog, Muffin Man and we would walk into work every morning, enjoying the clean foggy air and the smells from the local bakeries.
( Muffin Man became a sort of celebrity in his own right and my customers called him "Muffin Puppy Muffins" and made trips to the shop just to visit him.)

I found the painting above one day while searching on line for my old home. There was my house, painted from the perspective of the gardens across the street. I got a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes thinking about how I loved that house and my life at that time.
Then......I thought....its not so much the house but the lifestyle I had created for myself and I can take that anywhere I go !!'s a toast to my new little studio....a new step in life to keep creating the things I love and making new friends all over the world.



Sunday, December 20, 2009

Marie Antoinette Inspired Holiday from Paper Nosh

Happy Holidays all....I am just at the last of filling all the orders that poured in after the feature in Romantic Country Magazine, plus many Christmas orders from both the Paper Nosh web site and our Etsy store. I thought it would be nice to show my bloggers some of the photos of the Christmas Danse "Oh so French Christmas" cards, plus luscious pink "Oui Marie" and the gorgeous, sparkling aqua "Paparazzi Versailles" done for Romantic Homes in Illinois as invitations to their very "Marie" Christmas soiree, and my Pink Glass Glitter Whimsey Christmas Tree cards, a treat for my private clients.

An early Christmas present for myself was a new Canon SLR so trying to take photos of everything that leaves the studio instead of just displaying the digital versions of my stationery. Hoping to capture some of the pretty sparkle on each card as I learn more about lighting and how to use this new toy:))

There's lots of new news concerning a famous landmark in Paris, but will wait to make the formal announcement until after the first of the year.

love and Merry Christmas ~ & a Happy Hanukka to all !!

Friday, November 20, 2009

A Very Pink Christmas

We have a new shop open in our Etsy store ! I don't know what possessed me but I just love these old Belsnickles Santa's I found at Market recently and thought that they would fit right into this Season for anyone loving the Shabby Chic of a "Pink Christmas". Well I have gone alittle crazy and even bought myself a huge pink Christmas tree or shall we say Hanukkah Bush ! I just couldn't help myself.

The Santas ( Belsnickles), Pink Glitter Trees and Star ornaments are for sale in the Etsy store at There is a limited supply so hurry as I'm not sure I can obtain more in this Christmas season. Happy Pink Christmas !!
xoxo, paulette

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Romantic Country Magazine Publication

We found out by surprise ( big surprise from a client, Dianne !!!) that our Immortal Memorie card and gift boxes had been featured in the lovely Romantic Country Magazine for the Fall issue. Its been that sort of "jumping up and down" kind of excitement, the kind that's the best to experience!!

Here is the cover and the shot of the page where our feature appears, the one entitled "Divine Design". ( You can click on it and it will enlarge so you can read it:)

Thank you so much Fifi , the editor of Romantic Country and Jennifer from Eye Candy Creations who are responsible for this lovely write-up. You are both just the very best:)

There is Paper Nosh in all its "pink" glory !! Thank you, too, to all the wonderful clients that emailed me to let me know they had received their copies and found the Paper Nosh feature. Most even before me !


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Royale Versailles Paparazzi New from Paper Nosh

Just created for Paper Nosh, these pretty french style cards are available in sets of six.

I've been MIA for awhile and had the urge to create something new. Creating pretty things is so healing, I never tire of looking at the designs once the glitter is applied. I prop them on my work desk and lose myself in the dream world they seem to depict.

Also here is the companion to this set, "Royale Paparazzi Versailles " that I created in pink. Funny enough, the title came from a new song by Lady Gaga which I saw her perform on the VMA Awards. Wouldn't the Paparazzi of loved Marie Antoinette and her entourage !

Both sets are available for fun event invitations too, as the backs lend themselves so well to type-set. Think of them for "Will You Be My Bridesmaid?", engagement soiree, birthdays or any event you might want a "Marie Antoinette" or French theme party.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Some Sunday Fun with Finery and Frippery

Just a little Sunday fun with Photo 505, a software program that lets you take a look at what your designs or even your face might look like in certain situations.

I needed a little bit of cheering up and these really made me smile, I hope they make you smile too ! Wouldn't you like to go to that museum opening or art show and take a look at wonderful Marie Antoinette costumes and more "Finery and Frippery" :)

The card set is for sale at the Paper web-site, but unfortunately Paris Hilton isn't really wearing my design on that shirt. Hmmm........I wonder if she would like it ??? Just dreaming......Have fun looking at these and Happy Sunday ..xoxo,

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Our Friend Sergio Vellatti

I wanted to share this video of our friend Sergio Vellatti singing this classic Frank Sinatra song " Fly Me To the Moon" . Hes young, talented and amazing and soon hopefully a household name! Yes, we just heard that he might soon be signed by a major record label. How exciting. Can't wait for more videos and a CD.

As an artist and music lover I always feel that its important to support each others talent and Serg certainly deserves to be promoted and especially heard by anyone who likes music.

Friday, August 14, 2009

New York Gift and Textiles Show

Its been a fantastically exciting and busy week !
Claudia, from The Paris Apartment contacted me for a collaboration to show my card line in her booth at the NYC Gift and Textiles show at the Javits Center.

Tons of printing and finishing and a rush ( again) to Fed Ex and off went twelve little boxed sets of Maries, and Au Claire de Lune, and French Costume Design cards. Whew ! Lots of hyperventilating and heavy breathing produced a nice three lb box of lovely gift wrapped samples for the show. Its like sending off my children to pre-school and I stress out beyond belief until I know what becomes of them without me !

I so have admired Claudia and have poured over her lovely book over the past couple of years and dreamed many times of joining her in one of her group tours of Paris, so this is such a huge compliment and a great opportunity for others to see my card line in what I know will be a beautiful setting.

If you are in the area or shopping next week at the show please visit

The Paris Apartment
( and my cards:) at
Booth 8012 in the Jacob Javits Center, 655 West 34th St., New York City.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Paper Nosh's Feature by Parisian Party and Events

I wanted to share this feature that "Parisian Party" did on some of my design work.

Here is what she said : " I’ve fallen in love with the beautiful Marie-Antoinette inspired stationery designs from Paper Nosh, designer Paulette Kinney’s Etsy shop. All of Paulette’s designs are printed in-house, and arrive at your door wrapped in satin ribbon in their signature pink or aqua shimmering boxes. Sigh… For more romantic Parisian goodness, take a peek at Paulette’s blog, la pink paperie."

It really is so lovely to have someone do a feature on you that you have never met, but admire from afar. Kim Petyt, is an an American wedding planner in Paris. She has been designing and organizing events for almost 10 years, both in the U.S. and in France, and is the the Owner and Managing Director of a full-service wedding and event planning agency called Parisian Events.

Merci Beaucoup, Kim, for the lovely feature direct from Paris, Paper Nosh seems to be getting alot of great attention from everyone's favorite destination or dream place to live and I so appreciate the compliments on my work !!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Paulettes Adventures with Chateau de Versailles

While many things are going on here at Paper Nosh this summer the most exciting news was a request from Chateau de Versailles. Can you imagine after designing multiple cards and art prints depicting my obsession with Marie Antoinette and Versailles that the officials behind the scenes at the Chateau would recognize my work for an upcoming on-line catalog they are preparing to launch.

I was contacted by the Chateau who asked if I could please send samples of my work depicting ladies and scenes from the 18th and 19th centuries that I have in my line !!! Several emails and phone calls later I realized that I had to prepare these items and have them to her in just 4 days for their commission meeting on the following Tuesday. Of course, after I fainted, hyperventilated and fainted again I began to scramble to prepare the large box of samples which went out without a moment to spare via FED EX plus a kiss and a prayer !

They contacted me again and said the commission is now in September and I will not know if my designs of cards, little booklets and prints will be included for sale in their new catalog until after that time, but just to be asked has to be the biggest thrill of my entire lifetime !!

Just think... my little designs are sitting in an office somewhere in the Chateau where maybe Marie Antoinette herself may have walked. I'll keep you posted as to any new news that I might hear as I survive the rest of the summer floating on a pink cloud above Versailles :)

You can view The Chateau de Versailles, its grounds, interiors and art work here.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

New Fandango Card and Print Line from PauletteParis for Zazzle and Paper Nosh

Paper Nosh's new line of cards and prints, "Fandango" have been published to the PauletteParis Zazzle store.

I had so much fun creating this "flora and fauna" line with the lush colors of a summer garden. Fandango will continue to grow and I will be adding this line to my store on Etsy in August if you want to have them printed on our high end papers and finished "in house" here at Paper Nosh with the fabulous sparkles of our secret glitter mix.

In the meantime as we move through our backorders and new wedding invitation orders plus a big New York Sweet Sixteen bash ( that is so exciting from the Paper Nosh Marie Antoinette line ), visit the Zazzle store for this "Fandango" line. We will be introducing matching envelope seals and postage stamps too in the next few days to coordinate with each card or postcard.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Dangerous Liaison

Today is my friend, Barbara's birthday and thought to feature her new line of lovely lace creations at her new Etsy store, Dangerous Liaison.

Some of you may remember Barbara Lowe from an earlier feature I did for her shop The Queen's Royal Rocks, where she sells her fabulous jewelry creations.

This new line of baroque lace and jewels with the gorgeous French flair is a bit avante guarde, a lot sexy, and presents a style beyond compare.

Take a peek at her shop and order up as each piece is an original and no one will have again the exact same design as you are wearing. Think of the compliments !!

Happy Birthday my dear "Sister of the Heart" !! I wish I could fly across the pond and bake you a cake and drink pink martini's with you to celebrate.


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The French Coach Couple and Louie XIV

While doing research on Versailles I came across the famous Jeff Koons. He created both of these beautiful stainless steel statues in 1986 and I know my readers will love the new Renaissance of these two pieces with all of the interest in Marie Antoinette and Versailles.

The French Coach couple at right is 17 x 15 1/2 x 11 3/4 inches and was made only with Editions of 3.

The handsome King Louie XIV, below right, is also in stainless steel and hopefully still displayed at Versailles. It measures 46 x 27 x 15 inches and must be absolutely stunning in person. There were 3 Editions of the piece also.

Jeff Koons also has a wonderful book published on Versailles. It says of the book, "the splendid extravagance of the palace of Versailles as a backdrop for the gregarious, loud and equally extravagant sculptures of contemporary American Pop artist Jeff Koons, who mounted the first contemporary art exhibition ever in the apartments of the king in September 2008."

I have the book on order and am extremely excited to review it for myself.

We are hopefully planning a visit to Versailles in the coming year, just the girls on an excursion to remember !

Paris, here we come !!

I have a secret to reveal about Versailles myself and may be able to tell in the next few weeks !

Friday, June 5, 2009

Monkey Moo Moo now Open Open Open

Update on Donna's store on Etsy, MonkeyMooMoo !! She has it open and has created so many delightful crowns, party invitations and even the cutest little cupcake toppers, plus the most darling party hat place card holders.

These little elephant and chik cards are just the sweetest of some of her new creations !!

Ah...hmmmm.....that darling little one wearing the crown is none other than Autumn, the original MonkeyMooMoo :)

Check out MonkeyMooMoo for Party Goods for ages 0-100, make your world and your parties a happy happening !

Friday, May 29, 2009

The Hero's Journey In Film for la Pink Paperie Readers

A film by Ciaran Vejby
Song is "Across the Stars" (Love Theme) by John Williams
The Hero's Journey in Film

While we are so busy here at Paper Nosh and Pink Paris Paperie catching up on Wedding and Custom Stationery orders I wanted to share something wonderful with our readers. We hope you enjoy this ! Hopefully you will laugh, cry and remember all the great journeys of your life.
xoxo, Paulette

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Au Claire de la Lune Columbine and Pierrot

"Au clair de la lune
Mon ami Pierrot
Prete-moi ta plume
Pour écrire un mot."

Pretty Columbine, how Pierrot loved her. She teased him a bit, but eventually left him for Harliquen.

I do love this image as it feels so Venetian Carnivale. The background texture and frame lend such a vintage feel to the card, which is printed on the back with an equally lovely vintage texture. Little birds and pink roses just add to the romantic feel of this card set.

I haven't had alot of time to create so really this was a bit of relaxing fun and creativity for me. I hope to produce more in this venue ( carnivale, mardi gras) as the summer gets underway and my wedding schedule for invitation and placecard orders are under control and shipped. For now I hope you enjoy them as much as I did creating them !

This set can be purchased right now at the Paper Nosh. Always beautifully gift wrapped for each and every Paper Nosh customer.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

To The Immortal Memorie of the Incomparable for Maire Antoinette New Masquerade or Event Invitations

Paper Nosh is always so busy with wedding that in the back of my mind is the next design waiting in the que to be created. Designed this fun event invitation on the fly the other night at 2 a.m.

Hard to view here unless you click on it and see it in a bigger size, but the printing is to die for and the envelopes that are the palest of pink and handmade in Italy are just as chic.

We love the idea of a "Chic Decay" invitation, thinking of a wonderful ballroom styled like Versailles or even an ancient Grecian Temple, with a touch of grunge or vintage feel. The theme being that of the guests dressed in Venetian Carnivale costume or with fabulous powdered wigs and grand soiree costume as Marie Antoinette or French Courtesans !

The first photo shows the front side of this invitation with a Follies Bergere "Marie Antoinette" and will add to the charm and decadence of the event.

Custom colors can be created too, in Teal, Aqua or even Sepia.

These are available soon at as 4 x 6 flat notes with the reverse left blank for your correspondence or to have personalized with a name or business name on the blank banner as shown above .

Coordinating postage stamps are available in my Zazzle store for Paper Nosh. pauletteparis*

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Paris Tag from Zazzle

Today pauletteparis's Souvenier L'Paris Opera House 1922 postcard design was tagged by a wonderful blog called informatively, "Today's Tag Blogspot". Here is my design chosen from thousands in the Zazzle marketplace. Its always lovely and fun to be singled out and these postcards would be fun to send. Zazzle prints them beautifully with a high gloss finish on the front and matte on the back design so that you can write comfortably. Below I am showing the "L'Paris Opera House 1922" front and then the pretty, stylized "postcard" back. Click on the images if you would like to purchase this lovely card from my shop "pauletteparis" in the Zazzle marketplace.

Friday, March 20, 2009

New Paper Nosh Invitation and Event Orders ~ An Evening In Paris

This is a busy, busy time for Paper Nosh and just no time to play catch up on the blog, but so wanted to share some orders that have just gone out.

Gorgeous colors and Paulette Designs Inc. packaging just need to be shared.

To the left and above are photos of
" An Evening In Paris" birthday invitations for the lovely Kathrine in Saratoga, CA.

The sweet cherub invitations were custom designed for a darling client of Paper Nosh, Leslie in Chino,CA for her son's baptism ceremony.

*****If you are interested in Paper Nosh's exclusive custom invitations and event line please visit
We are scheduling now for orders in June 2009 through 2010 .

Monday, January 26, 2009

Paper Nosh New Wedding Invitation Design La Boheme

Designs of new wedding invitations have gone into the web site. We receive many requests for custom colors and this chocolate and gold with touches of butter yellow aptly named "La Boheme", after my favorite opera, was just such a request.

The original chandelier design that has almost become a Paper Nosh trademark appears in chocolate on this invitation with a shimmering golden bird. We just love using the Czech crystal buckles and this design was no exception. The small round buckle lends itself beautifully to the wide double faced satin ribbon. To complete the look the paisley invitation folder is enclosed in a shimmering bridal-cream outer envelope. Each lovely invitation is sent off with a custom designed postage stamp depicting the coordinating chocolate chandelier.

If you are interested in having Paulette design a custom invitation just for your wedding or soiree please contact her at

AOL users please add this email to your approved senders list before contacting Paulette or our replies will land in your spam folders.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Valentine Dreams

Two Valentine designs for card sets available from my website , . Orginally published in 2007, these beauties are so gorgeous in person. Photos coming soon.

The first is glittery and pretty with chubby cherubs and a bohemian motif, so chic, so subtle for a sparkling Valentines Day ! The second a lacy toile background and the inclusion of A Versailles Garden and a love letter written by my favorite artist, Maurice Leloir to his wife.

"Je T'aime" has been a favorite for my clients to send at this romantic time of year. Either card can be customized with a name or monogram. The second card is especially wonderful for invitations to a tea party or romantic soiree. Please don't hesitate to ask about personalization, we are always happy to create something special for you.
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