Monday, May 24, 2010

Jeune Fille avec L'oiseau Sucre "Pour Vous"

Happy Monday !  A little something I designed for a treat to myself as much as for YOU !!  I took the photos late Sunday afternoon and loved the way the light was playing on the table as I was setting up to take these photos... so thought to share them.  The first image is so delightful to me, the second for the web site, and so my clients can see them well.  I love the romance of Fragonard and collect many images of his paintings and any book I can get my hands on as I love to re-design and play with the nuance of it all.   Its said that Madame DuBarry had Fragonard paint four large panels for her apartments when she was the number one mistress of Louie IVth.  Each one depicted the stages of love. The Pursuit, The Meeting, Lover Crowned & Love Letters.  You can get a more detailed explanation here.  Usually what we see in smaller images are cuts from these larger panels.  Of course, he painted many portraits and scenes from the time, but his depiction of woman are always just stunning and colorfully romantic if not a bit sexual with many connotations to that.

These cards are available at the web-site, with a lovely reverse writing surface, plus pretty little envelope seals and postage stamps!  They can also be designed with type-set for a beauitiful invitation by request.


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

New Product Orders for Vigee LaBrun Seminar

Hello all....

Well I am recovered somewhat and hard at work filling several large wholesale orders.   Thought to show you the photos of some of the orders all laid out on my new wrapping station in the new studio.  A "sea" of little packages all set to be boxed !!  I love love love my new table.   Very Pottery Barn, but got it for so much less at Tar-jay....he he    This order was for a lovely client who gives seminars to speak about Marie Antoinette and Vigee LaBrun who painted most of the MA portraits we all have come to love.

The tags that will hang on the outside of our gift boxes were redone just for this event with a tiny portrait of Marie.  Each one hand cut and glittered to show them off at their very best.

The studio still lacks it's paint job as our rain and stormy weather has prevented that from taking place. But to each its own time.   I'm happy to be back in blog land after such a long illness and hard work never looked so good to me !!   
Love to you all,
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