Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Marie Antoinette Throws A New Year's Soiree Treasury

Paper Nosh's Marie Antoinette Wedding Invitations were included in a beautiful Etsy Treasury created by The Stumpets Tentacle.   Those shoes, that Macaroni Dandy Wig, the corset and the collar.....Oh My !!  Absolutely an honor to be among so many creative artists !   Enjoy this and have a very Happy New Year !

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Gifts from the Heart

 Many sweet Birthday Gifts have arrived at my doorstep in the last few days.  All the sweeter to receive at any time as it makes a "Birthday Week" rather than just lasting for one day:)

The antique Marie Antoinette dolls head with its tag still attached from the Paris Bon Marche is so exquisite to me it brought tears to my eyes that my friend Barbara in the UK would choose something so dear to my heart.  The darling kitty in her MA wig makes me laugh everytime I look at it and brought out my goofy side, and of course Bea's too I'm sure.  
The Fragonard Perfumes from Bea are long sought after by me and she knows just what to get for me and actually finds does she know ?

To the right is the sweetest hand embroidered brooch of Marie Antoinette with the best Aqua hair and eyebrows I have ever darling Donna had this sent to me from the artist in Israel.  So sweet and touching !

My good friend Elaine Biss had Tea Forte sent to me in a scrumptious Orchid Vanilla scent and flavor, they are the company who puts their tea-bags in those little pyamid shapes and they are so divine.  She also sent the Sweet Orange Spice Butter Tea Cookies from Tea Forte.  Light and sweet I had my own private tea party :))  Thank you Elaine for your sweet gift :)
One more from Barbara was an oh so pretty roses journal with a pink sparkling vintage brooch attached.  Each page is decorated and so beautiful....I'll have to scent it with my Fragonard perfumes and pretend its a secret journal for love poems and pretty sketches !

Last here is a photo I took of some handmade pink chandelier wrapping paper I made for one of Bea's Christmas gifts this year.  Its so hard to top her ......but she'll have to wait to see what's inside.

Thank you my sweet friends for making my birthday this year so special.


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me !!

My birthday was on December 13th but my son lives in California and the present he and  his fiance, Jenna sent arrived yesterday ( to my delight!).  Its a pink flower cake made with fresh flowers, complete with pink and white candles !!   Just so precious and looks so pretty in the studio.  My work station is already full of the pink tree, Marie Antoinette, Vintage Belsnickle Santa overseeing my work and various fun things I have been creating for gift giving....not to mention some orders ready to go out.....most importantly for sure :))   I thought you would enjoy seeing it.....isn't it yummy !  Makes getting "old" not so bad, sort of cushions the blow....ha ha


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I'm Dreaming of A Pink Christmas

Yesterday was my big birthday  and I took the time to take these photos of the Marie Antoinette Playhouse.  If you read my blog you'll know that it was just a run-down shack of a little house who no one had really loved in years.   It was a rental next door to us and a sort of sore thumb to say the least.   The last time it came up for rent we decided it would be perfect for a little Paper Nosh/Marie Antoinette Playhouse, ( As my lovely friend, Bea in the UK, has dubbed it !)  So we painted it pink with color advice from Fifi at Romantic Country Magazine.  Pink house, aqua shutters and mint green trim !

Well....she is decked out for Christmas in her pink icicle lights and little forest trees with pink sparkly bulbs and a wreath made up of pink Vintage Christmas ornaments from Alanda at Krause House on Etsy who graciously made for my house last year, but so perfect to fit right in this year with the studio colors !

We are taking a Christmas break soon to rest and enjoy our own Christmas and spend a little time continuing the on-going organization of the studio paper, glitter, boxes, wrap, files, computers, new kitty, named AntoinettieNosh ( Whew!).  So please send your thoughts and any requests or suggestions for card designs for next year :))

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Paper Nosh Studio Pink Marie Antoinette Christmas Tree

We took some sweet photos of our Marie Antoinette Playhouse pink Christmas Tree.  Its one of those things that makes a "happy place" and warms my heart to turn on the little lights each morning when I come into the studio.
The pretty Marie Antoinette doll sitting so pretty by the tree is a "rescue" from Ebay.  She's one of those rare half dolls from the 1920's made of chalk-ware.   When I received her she was naked with just her pretty white hair and perfect make-up.  Her face took my breath away !  The funny thing is that there is actually the initials, "MA" carved into her back. I didn't know that when I bid on her, but just felt she would be such a pretty addition to my collection.  I ordered the dress from China for less than three dollars and dressed her and this is the outcome.  She is one of my most beloved treasures and I'm sure is enjoying her "first" Christmas here in the studio.  The other Marie with the Eiffel Tower base is another pretty from Sugar Cookie.

The pretty blue ribboned box is our gift wrap this year for our Calligraphy Initial mugs we sell in the gift section. The blue reminds me of a snowy evening and I just know "Marie" appreciates them :) Happy Holidays and Happy Hanukkah to everyone !!

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