Sunday, June 29, 2008

Little Garden On the Prairie

I love Sundays, and today is a beautiful day here, not too hot or humid.  We have been working in our garden and finishing the last of the little plantings I adore for Summer.  My little cottage of a home sits on a corner and it has taken years on this hot prairie to derive a little English Garden from the red soil. But green thumb wins out.  I snapped some little photos that I'm proud of ...... so here is the "Garden on the Prairie"

Its actually even prettier than this, as I have wine grapes, sweet pea & morning glory growing up the lattice of the deck that you can't see in this photo.  Its still early in this part of the country and soon those pretty purple petunias will spread and be a mass of gorgeous color.

Angelina Sugarplum helped out by making sure we did everything just right !
She's a "special" girl in the fact that her mother deserted her as a newborn and I bottle fed her from the time she was a few hours old.  Being asthmatic she's still very bossy  (  and of course has my heart ! )

Monday, June 16, 2008


On my great search for the best Macaron in the US I happened on Mark It With A "G", in a funny sort of way, looking for someone to do some flash for my new site. How do you like that ?

Mark It With A G is in Shelter Island and owned by a delightful couple who it seems have traveled the world, to arrive back "home" and now have a fabulous French patisserie shop, making a Macaron that could, and does rival a Pierre Herme or even the illustrious LaDuree.

Reed at "Mark It With A "G" was having to wait out the weather and storms we all have been experiencing and the high humidity and electrical outages in order to bake the perfect Macaron for my order, but that she did , and they arrived beautifully boxed and in a wonderful and professional cold pak in perfect condition. There was a lovely personal note from Reed & Jesse telling me that if the pretty little delights didn't arrive in perfect condition they would replace them. But no need at all, they arrived perfectly, and ready for their photoshoot ( yes I took the photos that you see here when the box arrived with my own trusty camera! ) and my private tasting party :)

What a delight and what a wonderful treat !

I think more people read my blog for my references to Macarons than almost anything. Plus the recipe I listed to make your own.

So this I want to share with you all~~ Order some for yourself now ! It just has to be the ultimate indulgence, and this little patisserie has to be the best of the very best for those of us who can't travel to Paris each time we want to indulge !

These photos were taken by me right as I opened the package, and before I wanted to take a bite out of each flavor ! Who could resist ! Thank you so much Mark It With A "G", you are magnificent. If I only could speak French, but you know what I mean !!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Calligraphic Inspiration

I am always discovering blogs that have written about my work, although a belated discovery, this one was quite a compliment.

Written by "Miss Milkshake" on Wedding Bee and titled "Calligraphic Inspiration", Miss Milkshake included me with some very illustrious artist in her blog entry saying:

"Here are some calligraphic inspirations I found so far. I love how they are all international artists, and that they also happen to take great photos."

Other artists include those from Russia, Mexico, and Brazil, plus me here in the US. Woo Hoo ! I checked out each and everyone she referred to and they are all such talented calligraphers.

My work she included was my calligraphic bird stationery with the beautiful fonts. I created these early on and they have always been a big hit with my customers. I now print them on 110 lb Lettra Letterpress paper with my new Epson stylus printer. With the new heavier and softer papers they are so luxurious. Once the German Glass Shard Glitter is applied they become a one of a kind piece of art that I actually have framed here in my office they are so pretty. Some of my clients have even said they have a hard time sending them all and usually hang on to at least one for themselves. Quite a compliment from them and to be blogged about also.

Thank you Miss Milkshake and Wedding Bee.
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