Thursday, September 2, 2010

Paper Nosh Stationery Designs Nostalgia

Early in my stationery career I created two card designs that still remain my favorite and the favorite of many of my clients.  Nothing has changed about them except I print on a higher quality of paper than I even knew about in 2006 and I have developed a special printing method that makes each card produced like a work of art...basically printed as a giclee....meaning a spraying of tiny ink-droplets done with a stylus or high quality ink-jet printer.  Its taken time to develop this method and the basic cost piles up but I tend to invest into better and better equipment so that what my clients receive is only the best.   I have never thought twice about spending the extra money on the boxes and ribbon which is our packaging or for the pretty damask boxes that we ship our product in.   I have always wanted my clients to have a "boutique" experience when they receive their Paper Nosh or Pink Paris stationery in the mail.

These two card designs were just requested by two different magazines.   One who I so admire will be coming out in their Spring issue with a little feature on me as an artist and the other a slick European home fashion magazine.   We'll feature here when the issues are released, but felt like these two designs might want to be revisited by any who may have seen them and ordered in the past or new clients who might want to order them in the future.

Have a wonderful week and happy September...Fall is almost here !  Love Love Love Fall...hopefully it will be full of beautiful color, pumpkins and cool, gentle weather.  The photo above shows pumpkin vines growing up to the roof and Miss Kitty so kindly posing in her favorite location.  Who knew pumpkins could grow like that !!

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