Sunday, February 7, 2010

Marie Antoinette Winter Glitter Masquerade and All This Snow

Marie Antoinette Masquerade Card Set ~ Glittered front and Mask and Plume inside corner.

                         Newly Designed Marie Antoinette Le Petite Theater "Performing on Stage" 
 entitled "Finery and Frippery"

Below is "The Once and Future Queen" stationery set.

Feels like "cabin fever" around here with it so snowy and cold !!  

Here's a royal sparkling crown to brighten your day.  This original design has been a part of our line since 2007 and aptly named the "Once and Future Queen" .  Its royal crown image is encrusted with loads of our secret glitter mix and the sage damask in the background is so elegant.  The envelopes can be lined with our design of a rich latin text on sage and aqua.  Available at

On another note, Valentines were completed last week and sent out to clients who ordered Valentines early enough for me to send on time.   Something like 50 orders of card sets in a three week period of time.....a record breaker for me !!  Printing comes easily once the design is finished, but the ink staining and glitter along with wrapping each set and wrapping again for shipping can be daunting if there are alot of time constraints.   Loved doing them as I understand now why people love Valentines in the dead of winter....such a colorful and loving sort of Holiday.

I included here some new photos I took with my new Canon SLR ( love it love it love it !!) My clients can now really see what my finished cards look like in all their "glitter glory"....he he  All are available to order from

I hope all of you are having a peaceful and cozy Sunday.  


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