Monday, January 25, 2010

Romantic Hearts

I found this Romantic video and wanted to share it with my readers for Valentines.
This is a Marie Antoinette video about the love affair between Marie and Hans Axel Von Fersen. Happy Valentines to all my Romantic Hearts out there !!

(PS.  You might have to pause the music on the left to hear the pretty song in the video, sorry !! :)

Monday, January 18, 2010

Maison de Objet 2010 and My Announcement

After speaking to my connection at The Chateau de Versailles this morning I thought to share this bit of France with my readers.  The Maison de Objet is in full swing in the next week and is France's equivilent of our same Trade Shows as the New York Gift Show, Dallas Trade Mart, or the San Francisco Trade Shows.  This one of course on a grand International Scale and in Paris !!  So....wouldn't you like to be there ?  I know I would.

The site Maison de Objet is full of videos and new information and fun to click around and visit as well.  The link I have enclosed here is for the Musee' section, which is of interest to my connection and the upcoming catalog for Versailles.

you will see my card designs coming in April or May !!!! At least we hope that Paper Nosh makes the launch but if not, they have reassured us we will be in upcoming inclusions.

So just a "little" announcement there of our excitement and grand dream-like inclusion in the new catalog for Versailles !!!!! along with a tour of the trade show they are attending this week.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Paper Nosh Thoughts and Valentine Surprises

Such a busy week, whew !!

Still trying to get moved in to the new little studio house where I will spend many hours a day hopefully designing and creating.

The Paris Apartment did a lovely feature on her blog with two designs I am most proud of. Thank you so much Claudia !!

Now my serious thoughts on copyright and design:  Probably to the average person or viewer, designs that they see on the internet may start to look like someone else's. The clue that most don't know is that a designer like myself, and as a digital collage artist, we purchase vintage images from a pool of other designers willing to sell backgrounds that we may use PART of to create our final designs. Usually I do this if I'm trying to create something seasonal and too busy filling orders to spend so many hours to start from scratch.  Still it can take hours to even take a short cut, but I have something listed for my clients asking for something new.

What may make mine different is first, the way I might put them together to form a truly "Paper Nosh" design and then the alchemy of my papers, printing and finishing process. We also don't just go down to the local craft store and purchase glitter or inks. They are sought out for the best the market has to offer and then mixed to create our cards in a unique way. Its hard to capture in a photo, but seeing is believing and I think my clients will testify to that. I am proud of my designs and unfortunatley have been copied extensively. I have realized the extensiveness of this and am trying to make peace with it, outside a court of law. Sometimes it occurs to me if I don't speak up then down the line another "artist" will "forget" that my designs were "her inspiration" and claim them as her own. It is sad to me, as then her clients think she is the original creator. My loyal clients write to me weekly sending yet another link to a site where a design looks like mine but isn't. Heartbreaking to me, as some of these "designers" were former clients of mine !! One is even doing my same packaging now !! yike !

Its not like me to complain or dwell as I have so many orders to complete and believe I have the best clients in the world !!

All that said, and even though I'm still moving, there are some sweet Valentine creations we were just able to list at I don't know when I'll be able to open the Etsy store again but the web site is open for orders.

Thanks all.....just had to get it all off my chest and heart to continue this fabulous New Year and what wonderful opportunities and new friends it might bring.

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