Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Marie Antoinette, style maven & unforgettable queen of the universe and France ! I've had a lot of fun sharing my creations via stationery designs in my Etsy store.

This cotton candy haired surreal depiction of the goings on , ( from the rose colored glasses I like to view the world through) was so fun to create. "La Libertine" is a sort of twist on history if you will, as little Marie magically escapes the guillotine, by floating away with only her pink umbrella and her magic blue bird in her gilded cage. hmmmm...funny the kings brother has lost control of his launch of that air balloon ?? The crowd roars as organized religion of some sort looks on. Yea! Like a sports report of the era of kings and queens !

OK, well I'm carried away. Its a very pretty card design though, with a fabulous bright blue envelope and little seals . Visit my Etsy store for more of Marie A. , Madame DuBarry, lots of Roccoco, glitter & sparkle.
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