Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Finery and Frippery featuring Miss Autumn

I am a Glammie....yes I said Glammie....not Granny !  to this scrumptious little lady....Miss Autumn :))
Her mommy Donna, from Monkey Moo Moo on Etsy took early photos for me as I sent "the dress" early for Easter.   My find of the's an antique dress dated from the late 1800's to early 1900's that I purchased from a seller in La Rochelle France.  I can just imagine the child who it was made for.  The fabric is like no other we would ever see today...a thick woven cotton pique with little thin pearl buttons.    The hat and gloves are a nostalgic add on, as when I was a little girl I remember how excited I would be to get a new Easter Hat and new little white gloves.

 The last photo of course is the most precious and thought you all would love the cuteness of it fish panties and all :))

 Happy Easter to all of you....Glammie :))

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pierrot Au Claire de la Lune Wedding Invitations and RSVP from Paper Nosh

Among the challenges lately to Paper Nosh with our tremendous growth and keeping up with demand is the popularity of this creation, Pierrot Au Claire de la Lune wedding invitations, announcements and RSVP, even table and escort cards.  It seems to be so popular among Europeans and Australians for some reason....maybe the sense of romance is stronger in those countries than in the US....but even after its first creation in 2008 it remains one of our best sellers.    I love its finished look and creating custom text....each couple seems to come up with the most romantic little poems to each other that they want to share.  I always feel like I have a birds eye view to the sweet unfolding of each new wedding.   Above is just a small sample mix of couples who have ordered this creation and challenged me each time to further increase the design to accommodate all the paper collateral a large wedding can demand.

Its finally Spring and romance is in the air....birds chirping and flowers growing....I guess love is in bloom too !
Happy Happy Spring !  Contact me if you might like to consider this design for your upcoming event or just want to order them in beautiful stationery cards.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Spring Lilacs and Pear Blossoms and A New Rose Garden

Just popping in to welcome Spring with our showy Lilacs and Pear Blossoms...just so gorgeous and fragrant..I wish they would bloom all year.  Not much time for anything except to fulfill orders but thought to stop and try to "smell the roses" !   I ordered pink heirloom climbing roses for the little rustic picket fence and then more pink rose bushes for the front of the garden...also some pink phlox from hope they will pretty up this place and everything will smell wonderful all Summer long !  A little sad looking right now but just wait !! I'll post "after" photos later on as we hopefully get the blooms in full swing.    I can't wait :))
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