Thursday, January 3, 2013

Handcrafted Stationery: Detailed Works of Art Paper Nosh Interview in Art Show Monthly Magazine

Chanson de Amoure...Je t'aime de tout mon coeur, ma chère
A nice article about Paper Nosh is included in Art Show Monthly Magazine here :

The last two paragraphs say it all for us :

"Regardless of popular trends, handcrafted stationery continues to offer qualities that machine-made stationery cannot: intricate details, a high control of quality, and an expanded palette of materials from which to choose. But perhaps most important is the fact that no two cards or envelopes will ever be exactly alike; they are pieces of art in their own right.

Such a fact does not go unnoticed: Paulette has clients who collect the cards themselves, adding each of her new designs to their collections, and sometimes even framing them. Says Paulette, “It makes me very happy to think that someone else treasures my cards and art prints as much as I do.”

I naturally was thrilled to be included .   It really says something about the handcrafted nature of our vintage designs.

Paige Cerulli did a wonderful write up on us and another invitation designer, Allison Barnhill of Allison Barnhill Designs in Maryland.  Thank you Paige!

Pink Peony Shimmer Boxes and Pour Vous Tags for Invitation Boxing from Paper Nosh

A lovely email I received from my client Betty who has been ordering now for several years;

"Just wanted you to know how absolutely beautiful the Christmas cards were - I am getting rave reviews and can't thank you enough.

I hate how my job takes the pleasure out of the holidays and it is absolutely the worst I've ever seen. But (while I was on a triage call) I wrote a Christmas letter that went perfect with your beautiful cards and I felt that I was reaching out to those I love with a treasure.

Thank you for your art which brings so much pleasure to my friends and family.

May you and your family receive back what you give. Merry Christmas!"

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