Friday, June 29, 2007

Ohh La La! Aunt Florence's Frozen Lemon Cupcakes

While I am cruising the internet I just can't help myself when I see yummy concoctions ! Especially unusual cupcake recipes, so I just had to share this with you. I'm making these on Sunday, (primarily my baking day, to get away from this computer, emails, and just to do something to relax.) I'll let you know how they turn out.

Aunt Florence's Frozen Lemon Cupcakes

Makes: About 12 cupcakes

Lemon Cream

1 cup sugar

Juice and finely grated rind of one lemon

2 cups whipping cream


1/2 stick unsalted butter

1/2 cup crushed grahamn crackers

1/2 cup crushed corn flakes

2 tablespoons sugar

Jellied lemon sliced or small berry for topping.

1. Making lemon cream: combine sugar and lemon juice and rind in a large bowl. Gradually beat in cream.

2. To make the bottom crust: melt butter in a pan over low heat and stir in crushed graham crackers, corn flakes, and sugar.
Remove from heat.

3. Press down crust mixture into the bottom of a silicon cupcake holder or cupcake liner. I used the silicon holder because it was more rigid and removed it after the cupcakes were frozen.

Freeze for at least 3 hours. Unmold and top with a jellied lemon slice or a small berry of some kind.4.

These will make you very happy! So Yummy

I found this on "Way More Than 52 Cupcakes"~Thank you cupcake Queen! You Rock !!

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la charlotte habillée de rouge or how to make a Raspberry and Strawberry Charlotte.

Oh my a Charlotte Russe! How lovely to look at, how even more lovely to take that first yummy bite. This very special recipe is made with a lovely imported Biscuit called "Biscuit Rose de Reims", I am so buying them !! Go here to order yours ~CYBERCUCINA

Recipe reference here with lovely images ! Merci Béatrice Peltre . Read her Blog it is so lovely and has the most interesting articles about herself and her food addiction !

While visiting yet again I found reference to this wonderful magazine! It looked so delicious I couldn't resist a reference in my blog! I wonder if they print in English?? That might be helpful if I want to try some recipes ! lol

I did find a subscription available to order from Amazon here.

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