Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year from the Dancing Maries and Paper Nosh

Oh those dancing Maries.....they follow me everywhere !   I tried my hand at making a little Petite Theater to showcase their many we are to wish you a Happy Happy New Year and a Prosperous and DreamFulfilled 2012  !!!   

Thanks so much and Merci Beaucoup to all of my wonderful clients and partners for making 2011 a wonderful year for me personally and for our little business that's grown so much from the tiny little bedroom/wanna be office where I created with paper, a printer and my computer 18 hours a day to our very own separate Paper Nosh Studio....the pink Marie Antoinette Playhouse......thank you thank for your loyalty and appreciation of all that "we" do :))

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

"Beauty Starts from Within" My Tribute To A Beautiful Blog The French Beauty Mark

One cold wintery evening while trying to catch up on my blog reading I came across my Marie Antoinette die cut place cards and invitations on a blog I hadn't read before.   Well......I started to look at the delightful photos of the author's house and became enthralled and then more and more delighted as I spent over an hour reading each and every post !    Her name is Karla and she is the creator of her most magical home and activities photographed for her blog.   From the Christmas trees ( there seemed to be many after my own pink loving heart) a little mouse named "Tinsel" with his very own white and pink house, complete with pink Christmas tree and sparkling chandelier plus a pink Christmas banner that reads " Not a creature was Stirring".....well...again....I just smiled and felt giddy to see how imaginative that Karla is.   The image of Laduree's boxes and new recipe book....of first love...the graphics alone make me swoon !! the last photo of the inviting cappuccino and little French Madelines complete with a vase of soft pink roses.......I would love to be able to sit in Karla's pink and white magical world and have a little coffee klatch with her.  ( I forgot to mention the sweet pink and white mice that her daughter and friend made and displayed so beautifully on the tiered platter !)

You'll see if you visit her blog  The French Beauty Mark and please do !

Here is how she describes herself and I believe it fits her to a "T" :

"Beauty starts from within and becomes an expression of who you are. God is in the business of giving beauty for ashes. Taking the rejected and broken things of this world and having a vision to restore them is part of the fabric of my soul. I love pink moss roses, chickens, makeup, perfume, silk lingerie, and French antiques. I love to find old things and create something new and lovely. I love to share ideas and hope you will join me as I learn to blog."

Monday, December 26, 2011

Magical Joy !!

My little "Glammie Daughter" Autumn in her Snow Fairy Tutu that Glammie sent her from Santa and her Tiger that moves, purrs and blinks his eyes.   It was a wonderful Christmas !   We hope all of you experienced the magic and joy that we did this year :))

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Wishing You A Magical Season of Hope and Love

Here's hoping your Christmas week and all the days of the Season are joyful and full of pleasure !

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Sweet Christmas Inspired by Jeanne d'Arc Living ~ My New Passion

Something sweet, quiet and restful to share with you.  There's been no time to blog as we are working hard to complete our Christmas orders, but I've made a bit of time to dream and be inspired by Jeanne de'Arc Living and these are my versions.  I created some simple moss wreaths with burlap ribbon, plus the sweet sheet music deer and the manuscript Reindeer, sparkling on their own for my French doors.   I have more Reindeer for ivy garland that I think will be beautiful draped on my mirrors and windows. 

The next photo is my cocktail table vignette, glowing for us to enjoy on these cold winter evenings.   The last photo is my little fairy birdbath.   I see it every morning on my walk to the Paper Nosh studio and the light snowfall the night before was just perfectly sprinkled on my little fairy, her bird and the ivy......I couldn't resist running to get my camera and share with you.

Hoping you all are enjoying a quiet moment during this bustling Holiday Season !

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