Sunday, June 29, 2008

Little Garden On the Prairie

I love Sundays, and today is a beautiful day here, not too hot or humid.  We have been working in our garden and finishing the last of the little plantings I adore for Summer.  My little cottage of a home sits on a corner and it has taken years on this hot prairie to derive a little English Garden from the red soil. But green thumb wins out.  I snapped some little photos that I'm proud of ...... so here is the "Garden on the Prairie"

Its actually even prettier than this, as I have wine grapes, sweet pea & morning glory growing up the lattice of the deck that you can't see in this photo.  Its still early in this part of the country and soon those pretty purple petunias will spread and be a mass of gorgeous color.

Angelina Sugarplum helped out by making sure we did everything just right !
She's a "special" girl in the fact that her mother deserted her as a newborn and I bottle fed her from the time she was a few hours old.  Being asthmatic she's still very bossy  (  and of course has my heart ! )


Mary said...

Pretty, pretty garden (and cat!)

Paulette Kinney/Paper Nosh said...

Thank you so much! Quaint, but cute, but I do love it !

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