Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Queen of the Frigging Universe ??

Are you Queen of the Frigging Universe ??

These are the perfect answer to anyone who doubts who you really are!

These little cards are getting alot of attention in my Etsy store,they are also available at Paper and can be customized. Some clients even wanting just to say Queen of the Universe, equally as much fun for those not so daring.

I thought the font was cool, sort of Tim Burton..ish ! Funny that most people ordering my crown cards live in a Monarchy, I guess everyone wants to wear a crown. These are fun for birthdays and celebrations with your girlfriends or even for your mom for that matter.

This lovely photo was taken by a client and thought to post it as it was better than the old digital version that didn't really show off the card.

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Beth Anderson said...

This card is awesome!

Paulette Kinney/Paper Nosh said...

Well, we are both Queen of the Frigging Universe !! Yeah !

Anonymous said...

Hello again my dear!
Not only are your cards the cutest on earth but now the fanciest blog ever? You're too much! And the blog name--tres, tres chic! I am adding you to my blog favorites immediately!

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