Saturday, June 8, 2013

Marie and Louie Monogram Thank You Cards, Jane Austen Emma Sweet Emma and Parisian E Ley de Vev Folding Cards

Marie and Louie Personalized Monogram Thank You Cards
Parisian E de la Vev Romance Cards

Jane Austen, Emma Sweet Emma at Tea beribboned folding cards
So many new creations to add to our listings at Paper Nosh.   The first, Marie and Louie Custom Monogram Thank You folding cards will coordinate perfectly with our wedding and event invitations... Marie Antoinette Pink and Gold Cameo Cartouche Silhouette.

The next two are a labor of love.   They came out of my need to create something new....many late nights filled with dreaming and creating.   We are always so busy producing for our wonderful clients it leaves little time to create something new.    We hope you like them !!   Most listed now in our Etsy store at and soon to the website.

Have a wonderful, fun filled Saturday !!  See you in the garden :)

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