Thursday, August 7, 2008

Monkey Moo Moo or Le Petite Autumn ?

My "daughter of the heart", Donna has been making the most charming hats. She has always been a step ahead of me with what everyone is looking for and what to shop for so I always love to see what she creates.
These darling hats have been created for Nana's, and Glammies and Harry Potter Birthday parties and are so darling I just have to show all of you.

This is Autumn, and she is the whole reason I am a Glammie. Totally the apple of many an eye, but I think I have been introduced to the best endearment ever and that is...........
"Monkey Moo Moo" ! So the brainstorming has begun over a title for Donna's creations, inspired by the little Monkey Moo Moo above :)

Donna is selling her hats at the Golden Goose in California. They have the most exclusive luxury items and her darling hats will be shown right along side the Le Petite Bateau baby clothing line. Who knows where we might see them next ! I'm sure on a celebrity baby.

You can find her line at Monkey Moo Moo, "Wonderful Whimsical Madness" on Etsy. If you are interested in a custom creation you can contact Donna at her new Etsy store. I know she would be thrilled to create something for your little monkey !


Country French Antiques said...

Too cute!
I like your work and merci for
putting me on your blogroll!
I have added you to mine also.
Have a beautiful day!

charmaine said...

i really like those beautiful hats,they are gorgeous! if it's okay with you, i would love to post some of these on my little girl blog. i believe little girls every where would love one of these adorable hats. lovely blog!


Paulette Kinney/Paper Nosh said...

Thank you so much :D We love the hats too, so it is quiet a compliment for you to blog about them. They will soon be for sale at Etsy in the new shop All inquiries can be sent to

charmaine said...

your very welcome, thanks for your nice comments about my blog. when you get a chance,stop by and visit my other blog. have a nice evening.


Fifi Flowers said...

Cute items!

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