Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Calligraphic Inspiration

I am always discovering blogs that have written about my work, although a belated discovery, this one was quite a compliment.

Written by "Miss Milkshake" on Wedding Bee and titled "Calligraphic Inspiration", Miss Milkshake included me with some very illustrious artist in her blog entry saying:

"Here are some calligraphic inspirations I found so far. I love how they are all international artists, and that they also happen to take great photos."

Other artists include those from Russia, Mexico, and Brazil, plus me here in the US. Woo Hoo ! I checked out each and everyone she referred to and they are all such talented calligraphers.

My work she included was my calligraphic bird stationery with the beautiful fonts. I created these early on and they have always been a big hit with my customers. I now print them on 110 lb Lettra Letterpress paper with my new Epson stylus printer. With the new heavier and softer papers they are so luxurious. Once the German Glass Shard Glitter is applied they become a one of a kind piece of art that I actually have framed here in my office they are so pretty. Some of my clients have even said they have a hard time sending them all and usually hang on to at least one for themselves. Quite a compliment from them and to be blogged about also.

Thank you Miss Milkshake and Wedding Bee.

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Yas said...

I love the card you have pictured. Thank you!

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