Thursday, October 18, 2012

Paper Nosh Pumpkins and Kittie Loves Skeletor

Pumpkins we grew at the Paper Nosh Studio
King Louie the 19th with his new love.....Skeletor

Well Fall is in full swing and I have harvested the pumpkins we babied to death all Summer......hundreds of gallons of water later I have my darling little and not so little orange globes.   It's not easy to grow pumpkins.   The first large Cinderella was stolen one night.....and the others we practically wanted to put an alarm onto them to keep them safe !   So here they are.....I love them so much.   I know I could go down to the grocery or to a pumpkin patch but there is something fun and magical about growing your own.   It's amazing how much they grow in one night.....the fairies must dance among them and sprinkle some sort of magic dust.   We thought we saw them a couple of times but they are very private about their activities !

Then there is one of the studio cats, King Louie the 19th.....he loved this 'Skeletor' the minute I drug it out of it's box.....he slept on it for two days before I finally had to tell him that it was for my decorations....he reluctantly gave up his new love.   Today I saw him trying to jump up and catch it as it swung from the tree in the front yard. :))   Oh kitty love.....even better than puppy love !!

Wishing you all a wonderful and totally magical Halloween.

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