Wednesday, August 22, 2012

We Have Pumpkins at Paper Nosh !!

I'm so happy to see Fall on its way !!   Of all the pumpkin vines growing on the Paper Nosh Studio lawn I have one pumpkin !!    Still I'm overjoyed to see has almost tripled in size since I took these photos last week and maybe see some little round things peeking their heads under a few blossoms.....I hope there will be more :))   The one in the photo appears to be a Cinderella, but I'm happy with any little guy at all :))
We use the seeds from pumpkins from the year before so I'm never sure what will the surprise of it all  !


Marie Arden said...

Yeah I love pumpkins. I may try them in the potager next year. I like pumpkin soup.
Are you going to save them for Halloween?

Paulette Kinney/Paper Nosh said...

Oh yes and you should see how much bigger that pumpkin in the photo already turns out that it's a huge Cinderella Pumpkin and just this week there are three more little round happy...I'll have my own pumpkins for Halloween !!! PS. Thank you so much for the feature on your appreciated...thank you thank you !!!! xoxo, Paulette

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