Tuesday, June 5, 2012

La Jolie Ancient Cameo Silhouette...A Purist Approach to Vintage Papers

We've had these on the back burner for awhile and decided it was time to publish them.....They feel reminiscent of  the Jane Austen era, rich with poetry and quiet simplicity.....I'm sorry I don't have a photo of the back where you could have us custom design the text for your next affair or just simply draw out your ink and pen nibs and pen a lovely note in true 'Austonian' style to your friends or perhaps your best sister. 
( A hint is the back has the same lovely vintage roses with the cameo and blue scroll frame smaller in the left hand corner).

 These are lightly glittered as well as the edges are inked in an opalescent blue pearl and again glittered slightly.   A true vintage look would not be complete without our gorgeous Italian handmade envelopes.....can you believe they are still dried in the sun by the same family that has been using this method for centuries.   For only the purist in all of us who know the hand of beautiful papers and love anything that sparkles.

Listed now at both our web site: www.PaperNosh  com or our Etsy store at  www.PaperNosh.etsy.com
or contact Paulette for a private customized order if you choose.

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