Saturday, January 15, 2011

Staying at Versailles !! A Girl's Guide to Living the Joie de Vive

While trolling around different blogs today I spotted some stories of interest I know to my readers.  The first is the story of how any of us with the means will be able to book a room at The Palace of Versailles in 2012 and stay overnight to awake in the splendor of a Marie Antoinette style morning.   Can you just imagine.....!!!!  Well you know what excites me !!   You can read the full story here.

The other fun story is the Marie Antoinette hairstyle for weddings.   We design so many private custom designed wedding invitations here at Paper Nosh with the Marie Antoinette theme and its still very popular.  So we're not surprised.   Here is that story. ( This story courtesy of here. And the lovely
What Would Marie Antoinette Do A Modern Girls Guide to 18th Century    Paper Nosh has been graced with many features on this blog and the whole thing is such fun to read.
Enjoy today !


Jennifer Hayslip said...

Paulette, that is amazing news about the hotel at Versailles. WOW!!! Can you imagine??? Dreamy and grand!!!
Marie is such the trendsetter! Now brides are getting her famous piled high "do" for their wedding! Love it! ;)

When you get a sec stop by my blog and see the M.A. Cake assemblage I just made to be raffled off at the Marie event in Tampa. It's dreamy!!!


Je m'appelle Cynthia said...

I would so love to have had my hair in that style for my wedding! It's all so dreamy - and I wish I had visited Versailles when I was in Paris in Sept. of 2010. You've given me another reason to go back!

Thank you, Paper Nosh!
Have a great weekend

Lancerika said...

bonjour Belle Paulette,
always a sweet pleasure
to visit your blog.
I could only dream of spending a night in magical Versailles!
how enchanting that will be...
Soon days will be rosy and blush
again,until then
Bon w'end:)

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