Saturday, September 20, 2008

Marie Antoinette ~ Sociere Diabolique Halloween Card

Creating this card out of my Marie Antoinette treasures was the greatest fun. I love love love Halloween and had this in my head for a full year before getting down to business and creating a card design.

I like to think it is Marie, stepping down from her carriage (a Pumpkin Coach, of course), sparkling and beautiful, ready for a clandestine meeting with her Vampyre lover.
I love to romanticize Vampires, so this was my opportunity to share my romantic ideas for Halloween.

I created a little matching stamp in my paulette paris* Zazzle store to match and the cards are for sale there too, but secretly the ones that I produce personally for my store on Etsy for Paper Nosh are glittered with a gorgeous black glitter and printed on my fav 110lb papers and even though they take forever to receive as I am so swamped they are worth the wait. ( Always on time for gifting for Halloween if ordered now!)

***Please contact Paulette for custom work from the new web site at


charmaine said...

hello! i just want to let you know that i have chosen your blog for an award. i received my this morning and i have to pass it on to 7 other people. i chosed yours because i love your work, your cards and your daughters hats are just beautiful. so, i hope you accept this award and thank you for your inspiration.

God Bless,

Paulette Kinney/Paper Nosh said...

Thank you so much, Charmaine for thinking of my blog, you are too lovely. We so enjoy reading your blogs and I do so everytime I get the chance !

I will happily accept the award ! Again Merci Beaucoup !



Fifi Flowers said...

That card is FABULOUS! I wish I was going to this party!

Paulette Kinney/Paper Nosh said...

Merci Beaucoup ! Wouldn't this be a great party! Spooky, glamourous and romantic.

Anonymous said...

i like that stamp..

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