Saturday, April 21, 2012

Madame Pompadour la Pattissier Custom Business Cards for Lovelies

Dearest Lovelies !

I have been missing in action trying to get so many orders fulfilled for invitations to seems everyone is in a rush.  Added to our custom wait list leaves little time to publish anything new.  But alas !   I managed late last night to finally finish a custom business card order and the client was willing to share.    As you may know some customs are exclusive licenses and some can be had by anyone who wishes.  I'm so happy to be able to share Le Patissier Madame Pompadour in my Zazzle store.   Zazzle is so wonderful for me as a busy busy girl with a waiting list a mile long, as the client can go in and use my template and just edit to add their own information.   Zazzle prints it up and ships it in a matter of days and the client can have a fabulous "custom" business card.  wa-laaaa.........  If they like it and want to expand the design we can make up flyers, blog banners, enclosure cards and even blog buttons to match and "brand" the business, if the client wants to license the images and designs.  OH!!   AND Zazzle is offering 50% off until June 30th, 2012 on Business Cards !!   I'll share the code so you can save save save !!!!  BIZCARDS2012

Have fun and let me know if you need help by emailing me directly.  Sometimes I have time for a little tweaking and sometimes you would have to be scheduled for larger "help" or for the additional items you might want printed here in the studio.

Have a Fabulously Joy filled weekend !!! 

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