Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Finery and Frippery featuring Miss Autumn

I am a Glammie....yes I said Glammie....not Granny !  to this scrumptious little lady....Miss Autumn :))
Her mommy Donna, from Monkey Moo Moo on Etsy took early photos for me as I sent "the dress" early for Easter.   My find of the's an antique dress dated from the late 1800's to early 1900's that I purchased from a seller in La Rochelle France.  I can just imagine the child who it was made for.  The fabric is like no other we would ever see today...a thick woven cotton pique with little thin pearl buttons.    The hat and gloves are a nostalgic add on, as when I was a little girl I remember how excited I would be to get a new Easter Hat and new little white gloves.

 The last photo of course is the most precious and thought you all would love the cuteness of it fish panties and all :))

 Happy Easter to all of you....Glammie :))


Grace said...

oooh how precious she is! She is so sweet looks like the dress was made for her! The lst picture I laughed so hard! awww too cute. Thanks for sharing. Grace Happy Easter

Paula ~ castleandcottagesigns said...

Oh how cute Paulette! That dress is just beautiful~ what a treasure to find it!

Paper Nosh said...

Isn't she just precious....we just love her to pieces :)) I was indeed so fortunate to find something so special for our miracle girl. Thanks you guys for your sweet comments. xo, paulette

monkeymoomoo said...

omgoshhhhh!!! Could she be any cuter:} Her Glammie sure knows how to dress her up:}
Thank you Glammie for all that you do for me---Love you tons and tons--Autumn

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