Sunday, February 6, 2011

Marie Antoinette Jewels from A British Eccentric

If you're a reader of la Pink Paperie, ( the blog for Paper Nosh) you know about my friend Bea,( Barbara Lowe) who designs such beautiful jewelry for her clients in her Etsy shops,

The British Eccentric  and 
The Queen's Royal Rocks.
See the original article here.

 Her Christmas gifts this year from me included some pretty Marie Antoinette cards titled "Let Them Eat Macarons", pretty pink concoctions of stationery cards featuring my favorite subject of course :)).   Today she posted some new jewelry in my favorite colors of aqua and lavender and used those same pretty cards for a backdrop in her glorious photos !  So you have to see them !
Her photos are always so stunning and her jewelry so beautiful. This gorgeous number I would love to take with me to the Virgin Islands in July to wear during our stay for my son's wedding.

Here are the cards that I have listed in the Paper Nosh Etsy store, where I have them listed with the glossy seals and matching postage stamps. So many of my clients have seen them in the PauletteParis Zazzle store and had me design them in my handmade version with the glitter that with Bea liking them so much, I thought they had better be listed for anyone else wanting a set. Who can resist a lovely pink Macaron. I wish I had one right now with a cup of my Orchid and Vanilla tea from Tea Forte :))

Make sure to visit Barbara's sites for more fabulous jewelry, vintage accessories and British Flea Market finds.


Je m'appelle Cynthia said...

Oh, how fantastically beautiful! That combination of color is so "me!" Eye candy for the neck. Better than a candy necklace. Pretty! I want, I cards with matching postage stamps, what a great idea.

Wendy said...

You have the most beautiful blog and I am mesmerized by your music selections! Beautiful.

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