Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I'm Dreaming of A Pink Christmas

Yesterday was my big birthday  and I took the time to take these photos of the Marie Antoinette Playhouse.  If you read my blog you'll know that it was just a run-down shack of a little house who no one had really loved in years.   It was a rental next door to us and a sort of sore thumb to say the least.   The last time it came up for rent we decided it would be perfect for a little Paper Nosh/Marie Antoinette Playhouse, ( As my lovely friend, Bea in the UK, has dubbed it !)  So we painted it pink with color advice from Fifi at Romantic Country Magazine.  Pink house, aqua shutters and mint green trim !

Well....she is decked out for Christmas in her pink icicle lights and little forest trees with pink sparkly bulbs and a wreath made up of pink Vintage Christmas ornaments from Alanda at Krause House on Etsy who graciously made for my house last year, but so perfect to fit right in this year with the studio colors !

We are taking a Christmas break soon to rest and enjoy our own Christmas and spend a little time continuing the on-going organization of the studio paper, glitter, boxes, wrap, files, computers, new kitty, named AntoinettieNosh ( Whew!).  So please send your thoughts and any requests or suggestions for card designs for next year :))

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