Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Little Angel Puppies and The Creative Muse

I have been working diligently to fill some previous orders that just seemed to get pushed further and further back because of the death of my dog, "Muffin Man", who I had had for 17 years. A week after his death my little red chihuahua, Miss Frannie, became ill with congestive heart failure and had to be cared for like an elderly parent. She was only 9 years old and had the sweetest smile for you everytime she caught your glance. She passed away in her sleep another week later.

Needless to say, the muse left me, and even though I continued to try to work, the world was a hazy fog to me. I am the type that if I am speaking to you I will push my emotions aside and try to be involved in whatever you would like to talk about in the moment. I was once described as a person who , if put on a stage and humiliated, I would never show it, but cry my eyes out when I was finally alone. How did that person know me so well ?

So now you know me for the dog lover that I am ! I stand accused and am guilty. I love those little dear faces and will miss them the rest of my life.

So this has been a better week and I have been designing, editing, and printing like crazy to catch up. My stationery designs are very labor intensive and take extra time and organization to produce a product that I feel worthy of sending to a buyer who may be very discriminating. I am not a mass producer and all cards are conceived in my little mind and go through alot of hits and misses before I finally show them for sale on the web site.

I love paper and have purchased from high end retailers my whole life. I dreamed of creating a line of stationery and notecards that you just wouldn't see any place else ! With the beautiful imported paper I have found and the right equipment handed down to me by my very talented mentor I can produce a product I can be proud of .

This is the latest design that I am introducing this week. The Pink Fedora, is created from my new love of the 1920's and the gentle sweet look that the little faces seem to convey. I wanted simple sweet designs, not too altered from the original (acquired from a vintage French Magazine), then just a punch of color and elements that keep it interesting. These are so pretty, like little french watercolors. Let me know what you think! Red Rose Soiree coming soon!
oh la la


Chic Girl said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your doggies. I too am a dog lover. Just remember that they are running on the rainbow highway together. I love, love, love Pink Fedora. Beautiful!

Pink Paris Paperie said...

I like that thought,thank you so much for the kind words!
I am also so happy that someone loves Pink Fedora as much as I do. Two more in the Vintage Series are coming soon!

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