Friday, July 20, 2007

Pink Paris's New Obsession

I have a new love in my life and am dreaming about running away to a deserted island with "it" in tow !!

Many hours have been spent researching the most beautiful of paper printing techniques and a way to produce this most admired printing method.

Im speaking about Letterpress. I so envy all the graphic designers who have mastered this ancient way of printing their creations.

Well...I dont have a letterpress, but I do have a vast capacity for creating new ways of doing things.......... especially using any program available to me on my handy dandy HP and with
my "boyfriend", Mr. Photoshop !!

The card
creation pictured above is my first attempt at creating this digital letterpress "look".

I have always printed my designs with a LaserJet, using imported textured papers. So the outcome of my created technique, as well as these beautiful "soft" papers, yields a true and lovely cousin to Letterpress.

I am ga ga over this notecard as well as the lovely flueron design at the right !!

Now dont misunderstand my intention with this statement . My designs are like children, and like my poor son, go through my rigorus "Jewish Mother" routine before anyone ever sees them. When they live up to my picky
standards they can come out and be social. All kidding aside, ( and my son is a grown man, by the way ), I am very proud of this creation and the printed outcome.

In the near future I would love to purchase a Letterpress, but for now I am further developing my new "Digital Letterpress" stationery designs for Pink Paris Paperie.


Chic Girl said...

Very awesome!

Pink Paris Paperie said...

Thank you so much ! You are always so nice to read my typerblabber !

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