Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Over the Top Design and Compliments from Collectors and Clients

A recent client who ordered our Juene Fille cards from the Paper Nosh Etsy store left this feedback;

" Exquisite paper jewels! The pictures do not do them justice: The detail is rich, the colors vibrant. Worth the price for any collector, or celebration."

I am thrilled that my wonderful clients "get" it. Thank you Theresa !

We work so hard to hand gild the gorgeous edges to choosing just the right chunky glass glitter and making sure the art work is outlined perfectly....then drying each item for at least 24 hours before shipping....a true labor of love.

My cards and art have been described as "Over the Top"....even too "Over the Top"......we laughed so hard when hearing's exactly what I'm after when creating a card and the special finishes that make a Paper Nosh card unique.    They truly are collectors items and I hope you'll join many of our 'collectors' and clients worldwide in taking that step to have one of our cards or custom invitations in your possession.    

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