Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Marie Antoinette's Last Perfume

I've been coveting this article for awhile and waited until I had my own "Black Jade" in my possession.  A lilting and antique fragrance...too heady at first and then later in the day it surprises you with it's delicate top notes of Roses and Jasmine wafting around you.    I love it more for the introduction of how it was carried with Antoinette in the Temple tower in a romantic Jade vial and then saved now for 200 years? and then recreated.  I know the fragrance must of been able to transport Marie's thoughts to a happier and more tranquil time while she awaited her tragic fate.    Fragrance is like that.   When I go through my perfumes the slightest whiff can transport me to the time when it was my signature fragrance or to thoughts of old loves and happy memories of an event where I might of chosen to wear it.

The Marquise de Tourzel....Governess to Marie Antoinette's children.  The Jade vial of precious perfume was handed to the Marquise by Marie Antoinette before she was executed.

Thanks to my dear friend Bea for finding this for me and being my partner in all the things we love to spend our money on !  he he  It's always so nice to have a girlfriend who knows what you'll like.

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