Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Planning the Marie Antoinette Party

How cool is it to be featured by another Marie Antoinette lover?
Very cool I say !!  The feature by Mistress at "What Would Marie Antoinette Do?"   "A modern girl's guide to 18th Century misbehavior" was such a fabulous compliment.  Titled "Planning the Marie Antoinette Party: Even more awesome Marie-inspired invites", Mistress featured several of my most coveted designs and I am thoroughly flattered.

The blog itself is a wonderful read...go and check it out and say hello. You're going to love it too !  Thank you Mistress
Mille baisers, 

Ps.  Just in on Friday, Angie, at Just Simply Live did a gorgeous feature on this blog as well as other Marie Antoinette related blogs !   Definitely check it out and make some new discoveries.  
Thank you so much for the gorgeous feature Angie !!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the feature! I visited your blog this week for the first time and love it! I also visited the one you recommended; lovely also. By the way, I am featuring you on my Beautiful Blogs Friday. I hope you stop by. It is just a little way of thanking you for the beautiful blog you have created.


Anonymous said...

Hello! I write one of the other blogs featured by the lovely Angie and am so thankful that she led me to you as I don't think I have ever seen anything quite so divine as your blog!

Melanie x

Mistress said...

Thanks so much for your lovely post. It was a lovely surprise that really made my day. Thanks for all your nice words and your wonderful creations.

mistress of the blog,

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