Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Celebrating 200th Sale in Etsy Store PAPER Nosh

I am celebrating today ! Paper Nosh my Etsy store has had its 200th sale !! Yippee !!

Its such an important achievement for me as a designer and printer that I am just jumping up and down for joy ! My little animal circus thinks I'm crazy :)

Those 200 sales consist of 100's of designs and printings of card sets, designs of chandelier stamps and canvas prints, packaging, ribbon and tons of tissue and 100's more hours spent at this computer working until the wee hours of the morning.

So as a reward to readers of this blog, if you make a purchase at Paper Nosh or request a custom item ( to be completed after June 1 and the Grand Reopening of Paper Nosh ), just send a conversation to Paulette in Etsy and mention that you saw this on my blog here at la Pink Paperie blog, or in Entre Nosh , then make your purchase and I will give you a special discount of 15%. This offer will be good until June 15th. Hurry and reserve a spot on what I call "The List", and get your discount, because I never discount on my already low prices for my Etsy customers ! If you want to view my designs now you can click on the link that says 200 Sales and it will show designs and card sets to you. I will be relisting all of my sets on June 1st along with my new designs for Wedding Invites and Save The Date Announcements.

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Courtney said...

oooh...I love this...and plan to take advantage of your discount! I'm hoping though that you'll be adding some more notecards before June 15th? I adore your artwork but can't afford it at the moment so am hoping for the smaller options. :-) love the customizable stationery too (although I was reading you've been taking a break, which I can totally understand!). Anyway, no pressure...I'm a big fan!

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